Saturday, 16 April 2011

Route 1: St Andrews to Leuchars

Hey all, it's been been a couple of weeks since I started my blog and this is only my first post!  Unfortunately my bike has been out of action until yesterday, when I took a trip to the little town of Leuchars, approximately five miles south of the city of Dundee, Scotland.  A round trip from my area, St Andrews, is about 13 miles.

Route 1:  St Andrews to Leuchars
Distance:  13.2 miles
Time:  1.5 hours
Difficulty:  20% (St Andrews to Leuchars is steadily uphill, but nothing unattainable by an inexperienced cyclist)

With the exception of crossing a few roads and a small part of the town of Leuchars, the route follows a cycle path, so for cyclists of all levels is a safe route (which also won't irritate motorists).

The start of the cycle path at St Andrews
Approaching Leuchars, to the right is the RAF air base
Leuchars town centre, where the smell of Chinese takewaway fills the air
Part of the cycle path that runs through woodland behind houses in Guardbridge

Part of the cycle path right next to the A91 road from Guardbridge to St Andrews

Distance marker on cycle path heading towards St Andrews
Back in St Andrews, the Old Course Hotel can be seen to the left